Your Startup Needs a Mobile App. Here are 5 Reasons WHY?

Mobile Application for startups

A startup is being created almost every day now. Some succeed, some remain written on a tissue paper and some fail. No matter what the scene is, the startup graph is on the rise. If you wish to convert your solid idea into a startup, an important thing you should take note of is to create a mobile application for the same.

No, mobile applications are not only for large corporations and no they are not expensive. We know, how, over the time our focus has shifted from big screen to a 6′ inch screen we carry in our pockets. That is the reason all the market players are leaving no stone unturned in bringing their product or services to the smallest screens. Obviously, via mobile applications!

Here are some interesting facts about startups-

  • 69 percent of U.S. entrepreneurs start their businesses at home.
  • As stated by the National Association of Small Business’s 2017 Economic Report, the majority of small businesses surveyed are LLCs (35 percent) followed by S-corporations (33 percent), corporations (19 percent), sole proprietorships (12 percent), and partnerships (2 percent).
  • San Francisco and Silicon Valley are the epicenters of entrepreneurship, home to 13.5% of all global startup deals.

Let’s now look into these 5 reasons as to why you need a Mobile App for your startup-

1. Your brand fits in the palm of your customer’s hand
hands holding a phone- mobile application for startup

We mean that almost literally. Having a mobile app for your products and services makes up for a stronger engagement. Your prime focus for your app to be a HIT should be on the factors of how it

  • Behaves
  • Runs
  • Looks & Feels

A customer can download the app form the app store and use when and where ever possible. An effective app will engage and will convert an individual into a paying customer.

2. Push Notification is a blessing
Mobile phone showing push notification

This is another way to successfully engage the customers. You can update them about a feature, functionality or whole new service through Push Notifications.

How many times have you right-swiped on a profile match or Ordered food at 50%? This is how push notifications work. Interesting indeed.

Also do not go fanatical with the notification. Keep your customers intrigued.

3. The Potential
Bar graph depicting number of smartphone users from 2016 to 2019 and future forecast for 2020-2021

One of the fantastic reasons for having a mobile app is that it makes your business ‘future-proof’. According to Statista, the number of smartphone users has been rapidly increased from 2.5 Billion in 2016 to 3.2 billion in 2019. And the future projections state that the number will be on rising in 2020 to 3.5 Billion and in 2021 the figure will be at 3.8 billion.

Can you imagine the possibilities and the reach your mobile app can have? With one website in view, you will miss the bigger picture.

4. Builds Your Brand
money plant showing growth with deploying a mobile application

Mobile application will be the representative or in other words the face of your brand.  Develop it in such a way that it attracts your customer base. The more it is downloaded or visited more are the chances of sales.

People Having a mobile app today represents technological progress, and people expect the brands to be PRESENT & FUTURE!

5. Stay Ahead in Competition
a person climbing on a rope to reach business goal. How mobile application can boost startup success.

No matter how many mobile applications people have been using, if you are ready to offer interactive, engaging and contemporary services, you will always be ahead in the competition.
The unique selling point, regular maintenance, updates, and instant customer support will keep you afloat.

We hope you get the gist now! So if you have a great start-up idea or have already established one, waste no more time and build a dynamic mobile application for your products and services.

More power to you!