Why Hire A Mobile App Development Company to Create Your Mobile App?

The mobile app development company is well equipped with not only the technology but also with market trends. This expertise will come in handy when you decide you build an app for your business.

Today, there is a mobile app for everything, be it for ordering food, booking a hotel, reading and posting reviews, ordering, groceries and the list is never-ending. Statista states that as of June 2020 there were about 2.96 million apps in the Google play store and Apple’s App Store Store has approximately 1.85 million apps.

Having an app for your business is a must to penetrate the market and acquire brand recognition. Thus, having a mobile app can be very profitable for your business propositions. There are millions of apps and the fact that by 2021 there will be 3.8 billion smartphone users, which will somewhat eliminate the need of using desktops. Furthermore, this year alone more than 44% of the world population is already using smartphones, this data is to show you how you can reach your audience by building an app. For all industry verticals developing an app is a profitable investment that will reap great ROI.

Building a mobile app requires technical know-how, so if you don’t have the knowledge, you will have to trust the experts, i.e, mobile app development companies.

Now that you have an app idea, resources, and planning, allow us to shed some light on some of the reasons why you need a mobile app development company to build you a mobile app. Let’s dive straight into the list.

#1 Mobile App Development Company Take One Project at a Time

Mobile App Development Company

The best aspect of hiring a mobile app development company is that they are dedicated to one project a time. They will give you a realistic timeline of how much time it will take to complete your project. The constant channel of communication is what will keep you and the app development company in sync with what is happening.

While the app development company is busy building you an app, you can focus your attention on other aspects of your business.

#2 Armed with the Latest Technology

Since app development companies have a niche in developing the apps, they will be equipped with the latest technology and build an advanced app for you. The app development company has experts proficient in Android and iOS app platforms and other frameworks such a Swift and React Native. 

We at Orafox, deploy progressive technology and tools which enable us to latest technology swiftly without affecting the client budget large cost. We endeavor to offer quality results at economical rates.

#3 A Continued Relationship

Mobile App Development Company

The work is not done after the app is launched, so you need an app development company that helps your app progress and maintain it. Fixing bug, making slight design changes, or enhancing the functionality becomes cakewalk when you have an app development company on board. 

On the contrary, if you are working with a freelancer, they might get busy with other projects and puts on the backtrack. This results in waste to monetary and financial resources.

#4 Fixed Pricing Model 

Hiring an app development company saves you from the hassle of changes in the pricing since the project amount is fixed before commencing the project. This will come as a relief to you since you will have a fixed budget for developing the app and allocating funds to other business activities will be smoother.

#5 Mobile App Development Company offer Alpha and Beta Testing

Mobile App Development Company

The app design has to have an intuitive and interesting design and it has to be simple to use by the users. When it comes to our clients, at Orafox, we conduct rigorous tests in-house within our employees and clients to obtain the idea of how robust the app is. An advanced mobile app development company will put ahead in your competition with a complete product that will make your app’s presence in the market.

#6 Flexible Work engagement

We, at Orafox, put or client’s need first and we understand that each project will need a working arrangement and we ensure we cater to that. Many mobile app development companies provide hourly, weekly, and monthly custom cycles.

This alleviates the stress regarding funds because as a client you will only spend based on timeline of the project.

#7 Specialized in SEO

Mobile App Development Company

Mobile app development companies strategize the process of mobile application development keeping your business requirements in and backed with thorough market research and analysis of the technology.

The specialization in the SEO helps your company expand its reach to a  larger pool of audience and find the pain points, demographics, desires, age, and more.

All in All,

We hope we succeeded in convincing you how getting an app made from an advanced and reputed mobile app development company can help you succeed in the market. Our experts at Orafox help you achieve the app you have the vision for. We have experience of over 5 years in the US market and have successfully completed more than 120 projects. Be it on-demand apps, e-commerce app, we have extensive experience and we will let our work do the talking. Contact us today and let’s convert your ideas into the app!