Website Development 2020- Things to consider

website development

As of January 2020, there are 1.74 billion websites on the internet, and that figure has since been growing every day. This clearly states website development is indispensable today to small, medium, or large enterprises.

Be it to buy a product, join a company, or get in touch with customer support the users acquire all information online, so having a digital presence is imperative. It is constantly changing the way we connect with people, business, experience information, and live our lives.

If you are considering website development for your organization, it is important to examine the following factors.

#1 Purpose of Website Development

What purpose will your website solve? What value will it add to the users?

Will it be an E-commerce website, magazine website, blog, or portfolio website. Define the motive. Convey the message of the website clearly to avoid any confusion.

#2 Target Audience 

Once you define the strategy of your website, it will be easier to focus the attention on your target audience. Nowadays, there are scientific ways to know the target audience for a particular business. 

Analyze your audience based on the following factors-

  • Demographic-B2C audience-age, gender, education, the profession. B2B- firm size, position, location, etc.
  • Usage location, Operating system, and other user preferences on the web
  • Motivation and intention

#3 Web Pages

Chalk out a site map, always plan how many pages you want your website to have and what sections these pages will further have. It is important to first have a layout and you can get it done by the old school way, i.e, using papers and pens. Or you can try XMind, it is a great piece of mind mapping software.

#4 Website Wireframe

The wireframe is a visual pattern representing the skeletal framework of a website. This includes the user interface elements, navigational systems, and how they work collectively. It should be simple enough to not confuse the user.

Make each section easily accessible, you wouldn’t want the users to get frustrated and leave the website whilst a purchase or simply because it is difficult to navigate.

#5 The Code Game

Developing the source code is what makes the website dynamic, live, and interactive.

Keep these tips in mind-

  • Ensure that you make clean code by eliminating unusual and undesired code. For instance, right indentations, or spaces at the beginning of a code line, will improve code readability and will be easy to modify.
  • The code at all stages should be complete.
  • Follow a set of rules for choosing the character sequence which in turn will keep the code simple by implementing simple logic
  • Refrain from following hard-coded value methods, rather keep the code portable.
  • Test code at frequent periods and use code auto-correction tools.

#6 Quality Assurance Testing in Website Development

Bug testing is crucial for users to have the best possible experience on your website. If you don’t carry out the process meticulously, it may ruin the website’s reputation.

The QA testers will run your website through all scenarios to cover any situation that the user may find themselves in while using your website. Before sending in the traffic, spend time on checking that everything is consistent throughout the website

#7 Google Analytics 

website development

Another influential factor when it comes to web development is web analytics. It will provide you with data that is important for the growth of your website. For instance, it will present you with visitor information, time they spent on each page, and their behavior.

There are many tools online to help you get this data, and one of the best and free tool out there is Google Analytics.  It helps you track and read your user’s behavior, experience, online content, device functionality, and more. 

Further, Google Analytics provides you the learning needed to help you shape the success tacts of your business, identifying things you probably never knew about visitors on your site.

#8 A/B testing or Multivariate Testing 

These focus on making the website better and ensuring that users have an intuitive experience on your website. It further monitors the changes in visitor’s behavior, records, and divides traffic between the ‘treatment’ and the ‘control’ and measures the varying responses. 

#9 Design of the Website

website development

Design is very crucial to the website, it should have the right palette of color and high-quality images and animations to support and enhance your brand.  The design focuses on the visual appeal of the website, because that what will keep your visitors entertained and help them stay on your website for long.

#10 Content Marketing

website development

When the technical aspects of the website are sorted and design is in place, content is another element important in website development.

“Content is king” and you can’t overlook it, so keep these tips handy while designing your content strategy.

  • The content on the website should convey the message of your business clearly. Entail your values, services, and all the necessary information in an effective way.
  • Focus on significant content
  • Keep relevancy consistent
  • When compiling content be mindful of your target audience 
  • Create unique and engaging content 
  • Use a content delivery network as it ensures a faster experience to your users and prevents site crashes when the traffic swells.

Apart from the above factors, there are numerous factors that affect the success of the website. The above list can help you get started with the website development and these some insights from the experts themselves.

Now, if you have no technical know-how in website development, there are website development companies and experts at your service. Do thorough research on the companies before selecting the one. Read their reviews online and request their portfolio to know the variety of projects they have done. You can discuss your ideas and they will help you build the website of your dreams.

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