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Web Application Development

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Web application development is the use of web technologies and online strategies to improve a business. A marketing expert once said that if your business is not found online then you are missing out on so many opportunities.Web application development has been the expertise of orafox. Their web application development team is made of experts who are versed in a variety of online development services such as

  • Custom-made web applications.
  • Application migration services.
  • Creating powerful brand websites.
  • Industry-specific application development.
  •  E-commerce solutions
  • CRM customization

Web application development with orafox

Diverse Web development services

Develops Scalable and Engaging Web Applications

Enhancement of existing web applications

If your current web application is not working well to provide the best results for your business, then maybe you need a brand new approach. orafox is a web application development company that assesses your needs as an online business and creates a plan to enhance existing applications.

Re-engineering of web applications

Reformulating and re-evaluation of your web application development needs is sometimes needed to be able to assess what your business really needs. No two businesses are alike and therefore it takes a keen eye to re-engineer a custom-made application that would work well for your business.

Industry-specific application development

Businesses from different industries will benefit from web application development that applies to their own industry. orafox knows that for a business to be a success, tailor-made applications should be the best option.

E-Commerce Development and solutions

Are you running an e commerce site? Let orafox provide you with e commerce tools and solutions to help you manage your customers, products, warehouse and catalogue in the most efficient manner.


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