Quality Assurance

High Quality, Successful Product

Quality Assurance

Trademark of Flourishing businesses is High-Quality Products or Services

Quality is indispensable to a company that aspires to be successful.
A company will be known for its 'high-quality' service after following determined standards. Orafox is committed to finding the best quality assurance solution that will fit your business needs.

Quality assurance services are essential in all types of businesses to be able to deliver the most efficient products & services to customers. To have a loyal customer base, business must lay more emphasis on quality of product or service


Quality Assurance with orafox

Submit Inquires

Potential customers use a free quote service to inquire about quality assurance services provided by Orafox. Customers may also check out other ways to contact Orafox to determine the various quality assurance services is suitable for their specific needs.

Assessment of Inquires

After the inquiry is submitted, a member of the Orafox QA team responds to the customer. The team studies the inquiry and the possible ways to provide quality assurance. Once a detailed assessment is submitted, questions may be asked via email regarding other aspects of the business or company. An appropriate contact via a callback or an email response is thus established.

Assist Customers

After the customer gets the feedback from the Orafox QA team, they may accept, ask for more questions or enquire regarding the project. A QA specialist will assist customers or clients in every step of their way. A personalized approach is provided to be able to create a tailor-made solution for any business in any industry.

Ensure Customers Get Feedback

Project specialists work with customers to take care of their quality assurance needs. A specialist needs to collaborate to ensure success.

Execute Quality models

Quality assurance projects are created according to the business’ needs. It must also be patterned to quality models that ensure products or services are at par with local or international standards. Different quality assurance products may apply, based on the need of the business.

Successful Release

The success of any QA product is also reviewed using specified metrics. At Orafox, products such as QA consulting, QA staff augmentation, QA solutions, QA services and various outsource software testing services are available for clients.


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