ProcessMaker: Open Source BPM tool to Manage Your Business Processes

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ProcessMaker, a light weight, fully web based Open Source BPM tool is written in PHP. This advance BPM tool can compete with expensive enterprise BPM solutions in market.

ProcessMaker allows to:

  • Managing Users
  • Manage Company Profile
  • Managing Processes
  • Process Map
  • Custom Document Management (DOC and PDF formats)
  • Events and the Case Scheduler
  • Managing Cases
  • Reports on ProcessMaker

ProcessMaker Consultancy team from orafox can analyze your Business needs and determine whether ProcessMaker is the best tool for business process and later help with ProcessMaker installation and Configuration on your server. Processmaker Consultancy team will develop business process and execute cases successfully.

Orafox, the business process website development company will train you how to map, design and execute your processes. Their business process website solutions methods can Integration and development makes possible implement processes.

Processmaker’s advanced integration system allows user to mange business processes and sub processes with ease. It’s case tracker system, will allow supervisor to observe the actual status and at stages of process execution for their decision making.

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