On-Demand Apps- Features, Benefits & Future

on-deman app

We use apps on a daily basis, and some more often like, Zomato, Swiggy, or Netflix, etc. These apps are called On Demand serve apps and get the product, service, or movie that you demand anywhere and anytime. Much like the song I See It, I Want it and I Get it! 

Is it a red dress you want to buy or want to eat a margarita farmhouse pizza, or you are looking for gifts to buy for someone, on-demand service apps fulfill you needs, while you sit on your couch in your PJs’.

A report by PwC states that by 2025, on-demand mobile apps will reach the value of $335 Billion. Over 22.4 Million users annually happily spend  $57.6 billion to get real-time services. Isn’t it mind-blowing the potential on-demand services app have? Investing in these apps is also a smart choice, do not overlook this highly dynamic opportunity.

The below pie chart illustrates the segments where the US citizens spend a total of $57.6 Billion.

The situation clearly boasts of the profitable future prospects of on-demand applications. 

Here are the best benefits of having an On-Demand App for your company.

#1 We live in the age of smartphone technology

The number of smartphone users, in a survey by Statista, has increased to 4.68 billion between 2015-2020. Today Gen Y spends an average of 5.7 hours a day on their mobile phones.

If you are into the business of taxi, beauty, salon, food delivery, and beautician, cleaning, and home service, you will engage more customers through an on-demand app. 

#2 Efficiency guarantees employee satisfaction 

An expert mobile app development company can nudge you in the right direction and help you reach the ROI that you aim for. Once you have a business-centric app, the focus shifts to enhancing productivity and reducing issues faced by the employees. On-Demand apps take your business to new heights of success.

#3 Growth along with security

Including safe online payment gateways in your food delivery app, so that the customer can order it in the comforts of his home rather than having to stand in long queues, this is scalability and on-demand app work exactly in this pattern. Allowing you to accommodate all the changing customer demands and market trends.

#4 It leads to newer opportunities

Having an on-demand app requires changes and continuously improves your business model, which opens the door for tons of opportunities. Apps like these help you collect consumer information like their choices, taste preferences, address, email, etc. 

Now this data is helpful in the below mentioned ways 

  • Helps you plan business strategies.
  • Provide information about new sales offers & benefits. 
  • Conduct email marketing to market your products 
  • You can keep personalized relation with customers
  • Offers personalized support to customers
  • Increase your conversion rates. 

#5 Affordability in the long run

Affordability, in the sense of offering cheap services or products, cannot guarantee long term success. You need to have the right mix of price, quality, and affordability for our customers. Cheap and generic solutions cannot really survive in the long run.

By getting the hold of what your customers need, you will add value to your products, and this will, in turn, help you achieve the ROI you are aiming for.

The on-demand app is not only advantageous to business but also to the customers. We list a few below

1 The comfort of selecting the provider

Once a customer uses an on-demand app, be it for food, cosmetics, or service, if the service provider offers satisfactory services, customers are bound to use the same service provider.

When the same providers are selected over and over again, they get added to their favorites and in turn make the selection process easier

2 Tracking Order

When the customers finish the order placement, the on-demand service app offers real-time GPS tracking of their packages.

For example, Swiggy shows the tracking of food order right from the moment it is picked by their delivery guy, movement on google map, and estimated time of delivery. This is revolutionary.

3 Online Cashless Payment

It is the era of m-Commerce,i.e, Mobile commerce, that allows you to link the mobile wallet to different on-demand apps. This allows a safe cashless payment. Customers don’t have to worry about cash at the time of delivery.

4 Rating and Review

The customers’ ratings and feedback are what drive the success rate of the on-demand applications. The service providers can have a monopoly based on positive reviews. Reviews and ratings help the on-demand apps in enhancing their user experience and the quality of the application.

The key features of On-Demand Apps that make them a WINNER are

Notification System

on-demand apps feature

Notification systems let your customers know about new offers, discounts, limited period offers, and much more. This is again a very helpful marketing tool. One of the most important features, all apps must-have.

GPS Tracking

Another important feature for an on-demand service app is GPS tracking. It keeps your customers informed about the progress of their order delivery.

Activity Record

on-demand apps feature

Activity lists are most helpful in keeping in mind the likes, recent orders, searches, etc, that the customer may forget easily. This saves their time and they can easily place an order without taking the pain to search again.

Rating & Review

As mentioned earlier, Rating and Reviews are critical to the success of the on-demand app. Including this feature helps your customer base connect with your product and services. Their feedback can help you improve your mobile application.

Cancel Order

on-demand apps feature

It is a possibility that the customer has to cancel an order due to any reason, and to have the option of canceling the order is a thoughtful feature. The customers should be able to cancel and reorder and have delivered to them according to their convenience and availability.

Wishlist / Favourite

This feature allows the customers to save items they would like to purchase next time or are currently not available. They can simply like a product that will automatically get saved in the wishlist or favorite section of the app.

Payment Gateway

on-demand apps feature

Always have safe payment integrations and multiple payment options in your on-demand apps. Cash on delivery, UPI wallet, Credit Card, debit card, and many more ensure a pleasant customer experience.

What is the future of On-Demand apps?

There is a new on-demand app in the market every day. As a business, you have to grab the opportunity for yourself. The secret to success for the on-demand apps is how well you accommodate the needs and wants of the customers and how you continuously bring in change in it given the market trends.

The On-demand applications’ growth has brought about a change across all industry verticals, and the resulting changes will make our lives easier and the businesses even more successful.