Faster Custom Development with CakePHP

Baking the next generation of applications has never been easier…

In application development speed is everything, even the slightest delay can have a domino effect on the entire build process costing expensive man hours. That’s why firms are using CakePHP to build their custom applications; the secret’s in the code.

CakePHP can generate code specific to your needs and build it into a ready made framework that just works. CakePHP also offers one of the most secure ways to build applications, cutting out risks of SQL injection attacks and freedom from form tampering. Top companies such as BMW, Billabong and Blendtec are already using CakePHP for its ease of use and security.

As our relationship with our customer base becomes ever more digital, partly because of the efficiency savings but also consumer demand, custom application development is just another way companies are streamlining their services and interacting with their customers. Firms are also deploying systems with integrated compliance checks, diligence reminders and support functions in an attempt to eradicate human error from their processes.

Automation is shaping to be the future of the workplace, the question for entrepreneurs is what parts of the business process which should be automated, can be automated and where automation already exists in your competitors organizations. CakePHP allows you to write code once and build it on a framework that is so durable you’ll have a high speed application that can complete the tasks that used to take you hours.

Scale is no issue for CakePHP either; it can handle high volumes of active users, seldom crashes and can help you root out problems before they become issues. Using software engineering the build process is so much quicker, as the framework is also open source it just gets better with time. The CakePHP framework is also organisational perfection meaning your code is organised in an easy to understand modular format, that means you’ll be free to switch between developers with absolute ease. The faster build time also means applications built with CakePHP cost far less owing to the reduction in man hours taken to consult and build.

CakePHP is the framework of choice for its built in functions; translations, database functions, authentication are all built in so you won’t need to spend a penny on any of that. CakePHP developments can also be future proofed they can handle unexpected rises in demand as well as exponential growth.

There is a vast community of CakePHP lovers and they all get together for their annual ‘Cake Fest’, whether you’re a company with a CakePHP application or someone who develops them there are plenty of people to collaborate with.

Whether you need a tool for your staff to communicate, perhaps you need to deal with thousands of requests a minute and just can’t find the right application, customisation is key in this market. When an application is built specifically for purpose it is far more effective. If you have a patchy [intlink id=”2231″ type=”page”]approach to application[/intlink] and automation often getting the different packaged technology to be compatible takes just as much time as having none at all. Now is the time to start thinking about how the whole business process is done, and how to do that more efficiently and measurably. [intlink id=”1943″ type=”page”]Development companies[/intlink] are great at helping you to identify the opportunities to automate and assisting you in developing the tools you need to succeed.