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At Orafox, our highly specialized and skilled Android developers create custom mobile applications that capture the core of your business vision on Android application development platform. We are recognized as a leading Android application development company in USA and India. Every app that we have built is backed by an inclusive market research, thorough analysis of the needed technology stack and a Quality Assurance Procedure that promises its marketability. With the mix of technical accuracy and logical inventiveness, we develop Android Apps that have seen success in different marketplaces. Our Android Team is competent at working across diverse technologies, UI/UX, and User expectations.

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The flexible Java language assists us to build Android applications that provide a supreme user experience both via mobile app's frontend and backend.


Kotlin is a legitimately supported language for building Android apps that enable innovative friendly solutions again holding up both frontend and backend.

Technology Stacks

We know how to match technology with innovative concepts and ideas. Having worked with diverse industries, we are now familiar with an assortment of different tools and platforms that convert concepts and ideas, no matter which domain they come from, into a million users' realism. Our developers have demonstrated experience with advanced mobile app development solution and are always ready to meet your project’s development needs with compatibility on Android application development architecture.

Native Android app development

Native Android apps are precise to Android-based mobile application solutions. They use the development languages and tools that the Android platform backs. This comprises Java, Kotlin, and Android Studio. Native apps perform and achieve functionalities most exceptionally due to the adequate access to device’s hardware and Android-based technology features.

Hybrid Android app development

Hybrid Android apps are built using the scaled technologies which include HTML5, JavaScript, CSS and React Native. The finishing code is wrapped in a native application using other standard platforms like Cordova. Hybrid development approach is swift, easier, and highly rapid and can be used on diverse as well as precise platforms anytime you need to change it.

Android App Development Process

The Complete Process which our team of Android App Builders pursue to Create Engaging Apps


Starts right from App Ideation, Market Research, Analysis and Requirement gathering

UX/UI Design

Build a Design Strategy in Sync with precise User Demographic and Have low learning Time Curve


Organize the Android application development architecture for the market

First Release

Roll Out of the MVP in a Restricted Pool of Stakeholders to measure the Response

Quality Assurance

Analyzing what works in the app and what is required to be altered as per the MVP


Frontend and Backend of App Development initiate from Scratch for Android Users

App Submission On Appstore

Submission of the App in the Apple Store after making sure the store's guidelines

Post Launch

Constant App Update and Maintenance even after the App Store Launch to ensure Usability of the App

Android iOS Technology Stack We Base All Our Appealing Apps On

From the assortment of programming languages to base the apps on to going over the absolute QA process, Orafox is recognized for using all the most modern technologies in the Android App Development Process. Our shield of Technology that we utilize for building apps for Android is what makes every app look and work like the one never seen prior to, with each having a new criterion for the globe to follow.


Objective C


iOS Native Dev Kit




Flat Design

Database Engine

Core Data




Android Apps Development with orafox

Custom Android Apps Development

Social Media Application

Web Development


Fun, Lifestyle, Health & Fitness Application

Chat / Messaging Application

Enterprise (CRM and CMS) iOS Applications

Sports & Travel Application

Android apps Support and Maintenance

Multimedia, Photo & Video Application

Utility and Security application

The Added Android Development Advantage with Orafox

We are leading Android Application Development Company in USA and India. Our skilled and dedicated Android application development team understands the requirements of every mobile apps development project with innovative visualization and required functionalities. Our new approaches provide our customers clear understanding as well as scope of the complete project along with the timeline and costing.

  • Young, proficient and dynamic technical as well as analytical teams
  • Xcode SDK and Cross-Platform knowhow with domain expertise
  • Advantages of highly experienced leadership and management teams
  • Study and cover all the aspects of Android application project requirements
  • Worked on Multi-platform / Cross-platform mobile app development projects
  • Use of REST API based Application development for different solutions
  • Follow Design patterns to make apps behave in a steady and expected fashion
  • Supple Employment Models to hire expert Android  App Developers

Hire Dedicated Offshore Android App developers

Our Android apps development service in USA and India provides flexible services model wherein you can hire our capable Android app developers /Android app programmers skilled in all facets of mobile development solutions.

We offer full-time as well as part-time Android Apps Developer to be hired on project basis and hourly based.